School Retreats

Enjoy the ultimate turn-key weekend retreat experience for your school at the Dovid Oved Retreat Center!

Less than two hours from Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego, we will provide you with everything you want and need from arrival to departure. We will work with you in advance of the weekend to set a menu, coordinate room assignments, and plan an outstanding  program.

For Jewish programs, we can provide sifrei Torah, mechitzot, siddurim, benchers and more! Save the trouble and expense associated with koshering and setting up an eruv.

Science and Educational Programming:  We will work with you to run fantastic and engaging science and educational programs for your youth.  The mountains and the woods are a great place to explore nature and biology.  Our animal center has egg producing chickens and milk producing goats, and provides a wonderful opportunity for the kids to learn about these species.  The heavens are clear and beautiful, and the Dovid Oved Retreat Center is a great place to study astronomy.

Team Building:  Our multi element, high ropes courses provide unique and challenges ways for your youth to forge friendships with one another.  We’ve had schools come up to overcome bullying and to overcome cliques which have formed within class populations.   The Dovid Oved Retreat Center provides an amazing environment for kids to get to know one another and forge great friendships.

Family Programming to Engage Parents and PTAs:  Schools have successfully run family camp weekends as a mechanism of engaging parents in the school programming and funding.   Our  deluxe retreat center provides wonderful accommodations.

Pricing is designed to accommodate your needs and depends on program size, season, length of stay and the various program components you are looking to access. Please contact us at 909.359.2000 for pricing and availability.