Rental Opportunities

The Dovid Oved Retreat Center offers full service rentals for corporations, non-profits, schools, synagogues, churches, families, other religious institutions, community groups, corporations, individual family retreats, reunions, and special celebrations.

Perfect For
✓ Celebration Retreats
✓ Corporate Retreat
✓ Couples Retreat
✓ Crafts & Writing Retreat
✓ Family Reunion
✓ Health and Wellness Retreat
✓ Leadership Retreat
✓ Military Family Retreat
✓ Non-Profit Event
✓ Nonprofit Retreats
✓ Outdoor Education Retreats
✓ Religious Retreat
✓ Silent Retreat
✓ Sports Camps
✓ Team Building Retreat
✓ University Retreat
✓ Wedding Retreat
✓ Youth Retreat

The team at the Dovid Oved Retreat Center works with each group on an individual basis to craft a personalized experience that is just right for you. We are able to provide a full-service experience where we provide not only the accommodations and food service, but we can also provide the staff and activities for your retreat.

For rental information please contact Monica Allen at or call: 909.359.2000.