Situated on 80 acres of land at about 6,000 feet of elevation, the Dovid Oved Retreat Center offers a full range of services, resources and accommodations for intimate to large group gathering. From deluxe hotel-style to bunk-style accommodations, our housing arrangements are flexible to fit your needs and budget. Virtually all structures are climate controlled for year-round use. All of our sports facilities have been recently upgraded (2015!) and are lit for evening play.


Perfect For
✓ Celebration Retreats
✓ Corporate Retreat
✓ Couples Retreat
✓ Crafts & Writing Retreat
✓ Family Reunion
✓ Health and Wellness Retreat
✓ Leadership Retreat
✓ Military Family Retreat
✓ Non-Profit Event
✓ Nonprofit Retreats
✓ Outdoor Education Retreats
✓ Religious Retreat
✓ Silent Retreat
✓ Sports Camps
✓ Team Building Retreat
✓ University Retreat
✓ Wedding Retreat
✓ Youth Retreat



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